It all started in the Okanagan ... August 12 2014

Oscar is excited about the upcoming release of his new album "Apasionado" (in English, passionate).

It was during a visit to Penticton that he talked to his friend, Justin Glibbery, the musical director at Penticton Secondary School and leader of the jazz group, Offramp.


It was Glibbery who suggested Lopez record an album. Oscar was feeling musically inspired from living  in that beautiful place so the time was right.

Together with Glibbery, drummer Michael Treadway plus young Penticton musicians and performers  from Kelowna, Perth, Vancouver and Calgary, Oscar had a great team to help him produce his latest song set. The album was recorded in Glibbery's studio in Penticton.

"Apasionado" will be released independently on October 21st through

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