¡Living La Vida Lopez! 


Oscar Lopez is excited to announce his new recording, Apasionado

It's an independent release available now on CD and digital download. 

Oscar is especially proud of this album as he produced it over many months in Penticton, BC.

He discovered and worked with many talented young local musicians

including keyboardist and recording engineer, Justin Glibbery plus

his percussionist Luis El Pana Tovar, multi-instrumentalist Hugh MacMillan and a host of others. 

The result is an emotion-fuelled portrait of how Oscar sees and reflects life around him.

Catchy melodies, signature harmonies, Latin rhythms, soul and passion ... 

it's Oscar at his best. 

Get your copy of Apasionado @ … NOW! 

Oscar’s friend and colleague, Rik Emmett (P.R.O., Triumph) writes:

“Back in our Trifecta days, we'd say about Oscar, ‘sometimes you just have to unlock the cage and let the tiger run’. Sounds to me like El Tigre is on the loose.  Go get 'em, pussycat!”

Come and join the Oscar Lopez Quartet for two nights of fiery, fun-filled

celebrations for the release of Apasionado:



(1229 - 9th Ave SE, Calgary, AB)


Tue, 2 December 2014

Wed, 3 December 2014 

Reservations (403) 269-5581


More information at: | 604-290-1147