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Oscar Lopez returns to the Arden (2015)
  'Oscar Lopez: Life, Passion and Latin Music' - The Eagle,100.9, Okotoks,AB  (2014)  
  'Viva Lopez! Keelaghan! Los Compadres!' - Swerve - The Calgary Herald (2007)  
  Avenue Magazine (2005)  
  'Power Of Dreams' -Canadian-Brazilian Documentary Oscar Lopez Music (2009)  
  Hollywood And Vine Wine Documentary Oscar Lopez Music (2009)  
  The Last Rites Of Ransom Pride ( 2009)  
  Sex In The City  Oscar Lopez Music (1998-2004)  
  Night Moves - Owls In Fact & Fantasy Documentary Oscar Lopez Music (1995)       
  Memorable Quotes  

"I've always seen Oscar Lopez as the pioneer of latin music in Canada." - Alex Cuba.
"Siempre he visto a Oscar López como el pionero de la música latina en Canadá." - Alex Cuba.

  "A runaway hit (by Latin music standards), sitting proudly in the top 15 on Billboard's world-music chart." - Ottawa Sunday Sun regarding 'Heat'  
  "I'm flat-out in love. This guy works a guitar like nothing I've ever heard." - Helaine R. Freeman, Arkansas Democrat Gazette regarding 'Seduction'  
  "Qui Xia He of Silk Road Music on the track ''Aires de Otros Mundos' sparking her instrument, the pipa, against Lopez's Latin soul guitar." - Vancouver Province regarding 'Seduction'  
  "Almost every song sets its own pace and mood. The changes from the propulsive to the romantic are smooth and tasty." - London Free Press regarding 'Armando's Fire'  
  "Lopez is an enigmatic performer who can play a rapid-fire solo one minute and a calm, beautiful ballad the next.  - Mike Devlin, Times Colonist, Victoria, BC  
  "Is the world ready for Celtino? It's a fusion of Celtic folk and Latin guitar music. 'Bump Me Up (To First Class)' would require no translation in any language" - Dave Marsh, Playboy Magazine regarding 'Compadres'  
  "It really runs the gamut but everything is played with force and with passion" said James Keelaghan,    
  "If you bring a date you'll probably get lucky." - Whistler Question regarding Compadres in concert  
  "Oscar is all gut and ass. He goes by his gut and flies by the seat of his pants." - Rik Emmett, P.R.O. Collaborator  
  "Oscar Lopez is the only guitarist I know who can actually make an acoustic nylon string guitar scream. With the same instrument he produces tears and laughter in his audiences" - Martin Simpson, celebrated British Folk Guitarist  

From Oscar's lips ... 

  "I learned in the conservatory of the street by playing with other musicians, later in the studio, commercially.  It was a natural process. It’s a gift from God."  
  "I’m not a poet, I’m just a melody maker. And that’s what I do the best. My music is about emotions."  
  "I like to improvise a lot … I don’t like boundaries."  
  "I’ve never been a flamenco guitarist, even though a few flourishes associated with flamenco show up in my music once in a while."